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SQL Server 2014 RTM – April 1st (and that’s no joke)




Christmas in April :) I like it.


SQL Server 2014, Microsoft’s cloud first data platform, released to manufacturing today

Today, Quentin Clark, corporate vice president of the Data Platform Group, announced that SQL Server 2014, the foundation of Microsoft’s cloud-first data platform, is released to manufacturing and will be generally available on April 1. Quentin’s blog discussed the tremendous momentum with the SQL Server business as well as SQL Server 2014’s new in-memory OLTP technology and hybrid cloud capabilities. Here we provide additional details on those capabilities and highlight ways customers are getting tremendous value with SQL Server 2014.”



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PASS Summit 2014 – Call for Speakers


That’s right ladies and gentlemen the PASS Summit 2014 Summit Call for Speakers is officially open for business!!!

Last year was my first year presenting at a Summit and I can’t wait to submit and hopefully have an abstract and topic that people are interested in.

I actually was honored and selected for 2 sessions last year which was a VERY overwhelming situation for a first time Summit presenter like myself.  This time around I’m still going to submit 2 sessions with my end goal of one being selected.  If I happen to end up with 2 sessions again I will be discussing with the “powers that be” at PASS HQ as to which session I’d like to present and which sessions I’d like to hit the cutting room floor.

The call for speakers closes on Wednesday, March 19th, 2014 at 10 PM (MST).



Enjoy!! (Follow me on Twitter: @ColinStasiuk)

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Happy 2014 SQL Folks!!!

Seems like a year since my last post haw haw haw


But seriously it has been a while and it’s a new year so I guess it’s time I make good on a resolution (or make one in the first place) and blog more.

2013 was a great year and professionally it marked the first year that I was a presenter at the PASS Summit in Charlotte.



On to 2014 and I’m hoping to submit a session in for the 2014 Summit in Seattle.  Last time I submitted 2 sessions, hoping to get 1 and got 2 and was way too stressed that week so this time I’m going to pour my heart into 1 session and hope that the abstract and topic are good enough to make the cut.

I wish everyone a very Happy 2014 and hope to see my #SQLFamily very soon


Enjoy!! (Follow me on Twitter: @ColinStasiuk)

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PASS Summit 2013 – Keynote Live Blogging and Random Asides

8:04 am – First time at the bloggers table for me… I plan on just copying whatever the people around me are typing.  I really hope Tim Mitchell and Andy Warren write some funny stuff.

So far the big news was already released :) and that is that SQL 2014 CTP2 is available for download…. here.

8:07 am – More big news… Jes Borland is officially the bestest person in the world for bringing me some starbucky goodness.

and the natives are getting restless and finding ways to entertain themselves :)


 8:15 – It’s go time (almost)

 8:16 – PASS gets the blogger tables network drops working….. much love!

8:20 – Bill Graziano takes the stage

8:27 – 700,000 technical training hours this past year (between Chapters, SQLSaturdays, 24HOP, and SQLRallys)

 8:30 – PASSion award winner… Amy Lewis!! :) Congratz Amy!!!

8:36 – Quentin Clark going to lay down the roadmap for the Microsoft Data Platform for the next year.

8:43 – “You wanted us to deliver a complete data platform … today’s talk is all about listening to you.” – Quentin Clark

8:45 – Everytime we hear “push the boundaries” we all drink :)

8:50 – SQL2014 CTP2 is live and SHOULD be what RTM is (ish)

8:51 – Tracy Daugherty (Program Manager) taking the stage

8:57 – showing off that tables with Columnstore indexes in SQLServer 2014 are now updatable.

9:00 – in-memory technologies are built right into SQL Server 2014.  Not a separate product.  No app migration

 9:05 – “Tools to support backup between all the versions of SQL Server. These tools provide encrypted, automated solutions”

9:10 – Network dies for the keynote demo… twitter explodes hahaha

9:17 – Focus shifting to “Big Data”

9:30 – It’s BI Power Query time :)

9:42 – Showing Power BI for Office 365 Preview. You can put in something like “calls per capita by country on a map” and it figured out the query you need and displays it as you wish… very cool.

9:45 – See you tomorrow and thanks for following along!!



Enjoy!! (Follow me on Twitter: @ColinStasiuk)

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My #SQLFamily and Community Battery is Charging Up!!


Every year around this time I feel so drained when it comes to my extra curricular SQL activities… and every year the PASS Summit rolls around to give that battery a recharge and gets me back excited about everything SQLish in nature.

This year is no exception… I find myself back wanting to blog more and present more and just be the Colin that I love to be.

Not sure what this means going forward but I’m definitely going to have to do my best to see my SQL Peeps more often!!

<3 #SQLFamily <3


Enjoy!! (Follow me on Twitter: @ColinStasiuk)

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