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Just Keep Googling, Just Keep Googling…. SQL Agent Job Scheduling (Past and Future)

So I needed a script where I could provide a start and end date that could go into the past and into the future to determine all the job schedule executions that should have or will happen between the given dates. I found bupkis My Google-Fu was weak and couldn’t find anything so I pinged […]

Jobs Jobs Jobs

If a job fails in production and nobody is there to see it, does it get noticed? Deep huh? 🙂 Well if the job actually does something important of course it will get noticed.  So the bigger question is: What can you do to make sure that YOU know about it before anyone else does?  […]

Look what I can do!! (w/Policy Based Management)

If you’ve never watched Stuart from MadTV the Title of this blog post will probably be lost on you but if you want to get up to speed just Watch This Video on YouTube So if you read my blog (first thanks!! 🙂 ) you know that I’ve been having a love affair lately with […]

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