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Microsoft…. Y U NO FIX??

  I would like…. if I may… it take you on a strange journey…. Consider this: A SQL Server database with ALLOW_SNAPSHOT_ISOLATION set to true A stored procedure that creates a #temp table in tempdb and subsequently drops it Multiple calls of this stored procedure (running in Snapshot Isolation mode) happening at the same time […]

Me Speak Good

I recently had the pleasure of presenting at Microsoft Tech-Days 2010 here in Edmonton Canada. My session was titled SQL Server Management: Troubleshoot Like a Pro with the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Tools.  I was very happy with how things went with the presentation overall.  Out of about 12 or 13 demos only one blew up and […]

IE8 Released and Available for Download Don’t ask what you can do for your browser… ask what your browser can do for you. I’m interested to see how this stacks up vs the competition.  IE8 is boasting better performance, security, and overall experience vs the “the best of the rest”.  There are comparison videos vs Firefox 3.05 and Chrome 1.0 […]

70-453 Exam coming up… So I’m writing my upgrade exam for my MCITP-DBA (missed cutoff date for the beta on this one) in a couple weeks and haven’t found much of anything in regards to Microsoft approved practice exams so I guess I’ll be going in blind. With SQL Server’s new aggressive release schedule of a new version […]

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