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Central Management Server Question and TechDays #YEG Discussion

Gooooooooooooooood Morning everyone I just wanted to hop on quick and confirm an answer to a question I had after my session @ TechDays here in Edmonton. Q: Can an express edition of SQL Server 2008 be used as a Central Management Server A: Yes… wait a sec… I think so…. yes… Check my blog […]

Most Recent Job Status of All Enabled Jobs

 Seems easy enough… and maybe it is easy and someone is going to comment with something fantastical *hint hint hint* but until that happens… I would like… if I may… to take you on a strange journey 🙂 Use Case: I want to be able (using CMS- Central Management Server)  connect to all my SQL Servers […]

SQL 2008 CMS Security

So we’ve recently adopted the use of SQL Server 2008’s Central Managment Server for our development team.  Something that tends to get missed or not talked about in articles about CMS is the security required to connect and view the Central Management Server. There are 2 MSDB database roles that relate to the Central Managment […]

CMS Multiserver Query Result Default Settings

Steve Jones commented on a blog post I did on Checking the SQL Server Agent Status on all SQL Servers and pointed out that my query didn’t return the Server Name with the resultset.  My first reaction/thought was “hmmm did my code not cut/paste correctly?” then it dawned on me that my default settings might […]

Check SQL Server Agent status on all SQL Servers

Every company I’ve worked at had some type of standard schedule to apply (non critical) Windows patching.  Most (if not all) of the time this ends up requiring a reboot of the whole environment which no matter how good your shutdown/startup documentation is tends to be a worrysome time. If you haven’t played around with SQL […]

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