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Waiting For A Pot To Boil… Restore Database Progress


Ever kicked off a restore and didn’t set the STATS parameter?

Ever had a separate application handle a restore and not give you any feedback at all on how far along a restore is?

Well if your answer is no than this post / script is NOT for you  :)


If your answer is YES then this script should tickle your fancy:

SELECT	A.start_time as 'RestoreStartTime',
		DATEDIFF(minute, A.start_time, getdate()) as 'CurrentRestoreDurationInMinutes',
		((DATEDIFF(minute, A.start_time, getdate()) * 100) / A.percent_complete) as 'EstimatedTotalDurationInMinutes',
		ROUND(((DATEDIFF(minute, A.start_time, getdate()) * 100) / A.percent_complete) - (DATEDIFF(minute, A.start_time, getdate())), 2) as 'EstimatedTimeRemainingInMinutes',
 FROM	sys.dm_exec_requests A CROSS APPLY 
		sys.dm_exec_sql_text(A.sql_handle) B
 WHERE	A.percent_complete != 0


Enjoy!! (Follow me on Twitter: @ColinStasiuk)

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  1. Chris Wood says:

    Certainly helps us with many scripted big database restores to get an estimate of how much longer they will take.



  2. Chris Wood says:

    Seems to work well on a backup process too!


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