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Now What?

The PASS Summit 2013 call for speakers has come and gone and from the looks of things there were a TONNE of last minute abstract entries.

I am a first time abstract submitter for the Summit.  I’ve graduated from talking to myself, to speaking at PASS Chapters, to speaking at SQL Saturdays and Microsoft events so this felt like my next logical step in my speaking career.

I’ve been lucky enough to be “behind the scenes” in the Program Committee a couple times in the last few years so I know what happens now but if you’re a first time abstract submitter here is the scoop:

The first part of the process is the Speaker and Abstract Reviews.  (I believe) for the first time PASS is separating the speaker from the abstract which in my opinion has a bunch of pros and a bunch of cons.  A good reason for doing this is to not be “star struck” by an amazing speaker and automatically put them in, the flip side of that is that there is a reason you are “star struck” and that’s because they are an amazing speaker LOL.  My concern in this structure is that if an amazing speaker’s abstract doesn’t really POP (even though you know they always deliver) there is a chance they will not get in. There is obviously going to be differing opinions on this new change but it’s worth a shot and I’m going to try and keep an open mind about it.

(I’ve been on the Abstract Selection Team before and it’s no easy task and you potentially can take ALOT of abuse from speakers who are not chosen so please remember that everyone is a volunteer and no one single person makes a decision so be nice!! 🙂  )

This process takes us into late May / Early June-ish which is when the speakers find out if they’ve been selected and around mid June the presentations are revealed publicly.

From there everyone who is selected works on tweaking their presentations and PowerPoint decks so that the PowerPoint Review Team (which I am a co-leader for this Summit) can start reviewing the decks/demos around August up until the Summit to make sure there are no issues (not complete, not matching the abstract, identify spelling/grammatical errors, etc)

Hopefully this very high level view of the process helps the first time speakers / submitters know what to expect in the coming months leading up until the 2013 PASS Summit

Enjoy!! (Follow me on Twitter: @ColinStasiuk)

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  1. Rick Krueger says:

    Good luck Colin, and thanks for sharing that.

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