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Developers… Please love your DBA – (Connection Strings)

I’ve been working alot with Resource Governor for SQL Server 2008 lately and one thing that has turned into quite a challenge is coming up with a good “Classifier Function“.

After much debate I decided that the best route to go is to use the “Application Name” primarily as my deciding factor as to what workload group a user’s connection will get placed in.

Through this process I found that a good portion of application connection strings DID NOT have this variable populated so most apps had the nice generic “.NET sqlClient Data Provider” description for their Program Name.

Needless to say an email was drafted and sent out requesting that all connection strings include the:

ApplicationName = <<Your App Name>>;

Now this is not just helpful for building Resource Governor classifier functions but if you’ve ever done some performance monitoring/tuning and used SQL Profiler think of the benefit of being able to possibly filter/investigate on a particular application name.

I’ll post more updates as to how developers can show their DBAs some love as I think of them.

Have a great weekend!!

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