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November Updates

Holy crazy November Batman!!

Now normally my “crazy busy” comes from something SQL or work related but this month is just personal crazy (so this is one of those not so geeky posts so who knows maybe even my wife will read it 🙂 )


As mentioned previously I’m taking part in this years Movember Fundraising Event.  That’s right I”m growing a wicked handlebar moustache and accepting donations to raise money for prostate cancer.

If you’d like to show your support for me and this great cause please go here: to make a donation.

(a “real” picture update is coming this week now that I’ve had some time to grow/shape this bad boy up)


Benchmark IT Consulting (and my family) have just this past weekend moved into our new house.

The new office setup (still a work in progress)

Everything went off without a hitch except for a minor major TV dropping issue…. it was my fault entirely and let me tell ya there was some sailor style yelling going on when I did it… but I guess on a positive note we’re now enjoying a new 46″ Samsung Smart TV so I guess things could be worse.


For the second year in a row a family member has decided to cheat and take the easy way out and have a destination wedding 🙂 So come mid November we’ll be packing up and heading off to Punta Cana.  It’s funny cause last year I was unable to attend the PASS Summit because of my sister in law getting married in Punta Cana so we’re basically lather, rinse, and repeating last years vacation this year.  3 resorts down and a week later.

Taekwondo Awards

If you’re friends with me on Facebook you’ll know how proud of a father I am.  On the evening of our house moving my son received the “Student of the Year” award from Sung Lee Taekwondo.  We knew in adavance that he was receiving the award and it is such a high honor that we didn’t want him to miss the awards ceremony on account of our buying a new house.

Here he is receiving the award from Master Lee.

So  yeah… needless to say life is pretty busy these days but I guess if I’m going to somehow try and turn this blog post into something somewhat professional I guess I’ll close with this:

Work/Life Balance… it’s SO important to have it because no matter how much you love and spend time on your career at the end of the day if you’re not happy with yourself and have time to enjoy your family then what the heck is the point?

I enjoy what I do and I’m one of the lucky ones that don’t dread Monday mornings (or mornings in general for that matter), I love being a part of an contributing to the SQL community, but nothing is quite as special to me as sitting in the hockey arena stands with my wifey and watching our kids skating their hearts out and enjoying life.

Happy Monday everyone! 🙂

If you’d like to chat with me about this or anything else (SQL or other) please leave a comment or hit me up on my Twitter: @ColinStasiuk

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  1. Jason Strate says:

    I am working on my ‘mo as well. Though mine is looking rather pathetic.

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