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Get Your Speak On

In my “Theme Phrase 2012” post last week I said my theme phrase for 2012 (and the rest of 2011) was “Get Your Geek On”.

I’m going to stay with that theme and advertise a new page on the website: Speaking Schedule to help me “Get My Speak On”

Part of getting “my geek on” is that I want to speak alot more in the upcoming year and hopefully get some events under my belt in preparation for the PASS Summit session submissions for 2012.

I’m going to be working on getting a “Presentation Portfolio” page added soon.  This page will have the abstracts for the presentations that I have ready to go.

I think I may have to get Jason Strate (blog | @StrateSQL) to do one of his “SQL Remix” videos for me (as I’m not much for singing myself 😉 hahaha)

If you’d like to chat with me about this or anything else (SQL or other) please leave a comment or hit me up on my Twitter: @ColinStasiuk

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  1. Colin, It’s a great idea to post your presentation portfolio. It will make it much easier for those looking for a speaking on a particular topic to know if you might fit the bill.

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