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My New Job

So if you read my last blog post: Wind of Change you were both subjected to some 80s “rock” care of Scorpions and my announcement that I was leaving my then current gig for a new contract.

I’m now happy to formally announce that I’m the new Senior DBA for Invidi.

This is an exciting opportunity for me to work with a fairly young company that has grown exponentially over the last decade to be a leader in targeted television advertising and promotion.  Invidi’s technology allows television service providers to simultaneously deliver multiple and distinct commercial streams to different households or set-top boxes during a single commercial break.

What that means is that 2 people watching the exact same program at the exact same time will have a different commercial stream that is suited to them.  Through the use of “Audience Classifiers” that take into account what they’re watching, gender, age, income, and geo-location and continual analysis of viewer behavior and click streams you will see a custom set of commercial that are focused to you and your interests. 

Pretty cool stuff 🙂

Thanks to everyone for their kind words in support of my announcement.  If you’ve reached out to me via this blog, email, facebook, or twitter I appreciate all the thoughts and comments.

Have a great day

Enjoy!! (Follow me on Twitter: @ColinStasiuk)

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  1. Shaun says:

    Enjoy the new job on Day 1! Sounds like a great place to work. How’s the atmosphere? Work life? etc… do they have pinball machines etc… those kind of fun things. I would assume so if it’s a younger company, younger crowd. Seems to be the norm now.

  2. Sounds incredible!

    Enjoy the new gig and I look forward to hearing more about the technology. There’s something oh so very intriguing about audience specific advertising that makes me excited for the future of this industry… no more blanket/useless marketing campaigns.

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