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Doth My Eyes Deceive Me

This might be old news to Summit attendees as I’m sure it was probably announced there but OCTOBER?? 😀 That is FANTASTIC.  Now I know it’s still 10+ months away but this is a fantastic (and hopefully permanent) move as I think it will open the door for even greater attendance.  With the Fall SQL Connections conference running the week before the Summit most people had to choose one or the other, with the Summit in October next year I expect that both conferences will see an attendance boost in 2011.

Wait a second….. Oct 10th is Thansgiving Monday in Canada :O

OK I’m already starting to plan for my Canadian brethren and will be contacting Jeremiah Peschka and Thomas LaRock (both of PASS BoD fame and awesomeness) about a PASS Summit Thanksgiving Dinner night on the Monday.

Sponsors? Anyone? 🙂

Enjoy!! (Follow me on Twitter: @ColinStasiuk )

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  1. SQLRockstar says:

    But it’s not *really* Thanksgiving, because it is Canada, eh? So it is like only a half a real holiday?

  2. Colin says:

    *sigh* Are there any Canadians on the PASS BoD that can understand/sympathize with me?

    Apparently I’m barking up the wrong tree with Tom and Jeremiah hahaha

  3. Mike Walsh says:

    I think the BoD just figured that no Canadians would be rude enough to actualy complain and that you would all be nice about it. Oh thank you! Thank you so much for holding a Summit, Eh…

    Apparently you’ve been hanging out with us Americans too much, complaining aboot stuff and all.

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  5. Dave Schutz says:

    What’s for dinner at Canadian Thanksgiving? I’ll celebrate any holiday if there’s good food.

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