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What You Waiting for…….Worker Thread

The world needs more Gwen IMO 🙂

“Gwen Stefani – What you waiting for”

So I happened to have my handy Job Activity Monitor up as I was looking to see if a job I kicked off finished when I noticed a status of “Waiting for Worker Thread”.  I can’t say that I’ve seen this message before so I started looking around as to what else was running at this time.

I had a couple PowerShell jobs running and this job that was “waiting for a worker thread” was a PowerShell job as well.  I called my best friend Google up to see if there was something quick and easy out there to help me figure this one out and I got sent here:

specifically…. “Note Microsoft SQL Server 2005 stores the max_worker_thread setting in the syssubsystems table in the msdb system database instead of in the registry. The syssubsystems table can be updated to reflect a non-default max_worker_thread setting.”

So I queried the syssubsystems table in msdb and guess what I found….

PowerShell by default has a max_worker_threads value of 2.

So a quick update to that value (in DEV… you didn’t actually think I would update a system table value in production did you?).  I kicked off more than 2 jobs that called PowerShell scripts and BOOYEAH problem solved.  Now I just bumped this up to 5 because I wanted to do some investigation as to any “gotchas” from messing with this value.

(so far I haven’t found any but I’ll update this post if any come up)


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  1. As we probably need to remind you, this is a tiny piece of software from a preview build and doesn’t guarantee anything — but we can’t stop you from lighting a candle in the tallest tower of your heart.

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