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Hi I’m Policy Based Management… Remember me?

Microsoft released the SQL Server 2008 R2 Best Practices Analyzer last week and I’m not going to lie I was quite shocked.  I’ve yet to give it a test drive but the first thing that came to my head was…

Why wouldn’t they just release a PSP?

No not THAT kind of PSP…. PSP is my acronym for “Policy Service Pack”

Policy Based Management is/was/should be the replacement for the Best Practices Analyzer so why now are we bringing the BPA back?  To me it would just make more sense to release some additional policies to add to the 50+ “Best Practice” policies that already are included with SQL Server 2008.

Now granted (as mentioned above) I have yet to install and give it a test drive so perhaps I’m missing something but in my opinion releasing this tool will affect the adoption rate of DBAs using Policy Based Management.

I’m downloading and installing now…. follow up blog to come


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  1. Great, because we didn’t have enough problems getting people to start using PBM already…looking forward to your findings though!

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