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Congrats to Team Canada!!

It’s a rarity for me to blog about something non-SQL Server related but I have to tell you the 2010 Winter Olympic Games were pretty amazing.  Anyone who knows me (or who met me at the Summit last year) knows that I’m a huge hockey fan and I have to give credit where credit is due… Team USA beat us in the preliminary round and gave us everything we could take in the Gold medal game……..but

Sorry Team USA… no “Miracle on Ice” this time. LOL

Hockey was not the only thing that interested me this Olympics though… it’s amazing how you can get into so many sports that you normally would not watch at all just because the participants are representing your country.  I saw curling, speed skating, moguls, ski jumping, downhill skiing, bobsledding, snowboarding and yes even figure skating LOL. 

I hated Canada’s “Own the Podium” campaign… it felt very “un-Canadian” to me and put a dark cloud (in my opinion) on the unprecedented success that Canada had at this years Winter Olympics.  It is obviously every countries wish to do well at the Olympics and whether the campaign was put in place to help raise money for our Olympic athletes or just raise general awareness for Canadians about the Olympics… if you took a poll of everyday average Canadians I think they would say it was in bad taste and didn’t represent Canada in a very favorable light.

That being said…. Thanks to all who represented our country and a special “shout out” to the Men’s and Women’s Hockey Teams!!!

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  1. Shaun says:

    I agree with you on the “Own The Podium” thing. It was very un-Canadian. However I think the Olympics has stirred up a few people to become a bit more patriotic. Yes we tend to have a quiet patriotism, but I think these games have really given Canadians a greater sense of pride and maybe will show it a bit more then what others are used to. I don’t think we will get to carried away like our friends to the south, but a bit more is fine by me. Maybe that’s what the Olympics are about. Either way I feel proud to be a Canadian and want to congratulate ALL Olympians as they all did amazing jobs. I want to give a special shout-out to our friends south of the boarder who gave our Canadian Men’s Team a run for their money. It was a GREAT game!

  2. I love your “Sorry Team Canada.” That’s could have been straight out of Catherine O’Hara’s mouth at the closing ceremonies.

    There’s still a huge electric feeling around here (even as far east as Waterloo). … and there’s a little disappointment felt when realizing everything is over.

    I couldn’t be near a television at the end of the game, but I’ll never forget some guy with a blackberry to his ear shouting “Crosby scores”

    BTW, can television stations bank CanCon hours? If they can, CTV should be good until at least mid-spring.

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