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My 2010 Goals and Themeword

I’ve seen a few of these types of posts over the last week or so and I figured I should publish something on the intertubes that would be something to look back on come next year at this time.  Tom LaRock had a very interesting spin on things (as he always does) and added a ThemeWord into the mix.

Colin’s 2010 Themeword is……… FOCUS


No not that kind of focus….

More like this kind of focus:


In the past year I feel like I took on ALOT of new challenges:

  • Started the Edmonton PASS Chapter ( )
  • Served on the Abstract Selection Committee for the PASS Summit
  • Started seriously blogging here at
  • Started another service offering business called SQL Wingmen ( )
  • Accepted an offer to co-author a book on Policy Based Management ( )

all the while having a full time job and doing my best to balance work time with quality time with my family who give me nothing but support and smiles 🙂

2010 for me is going to be about focussing on everything new that I took on in 2009 and moving all of those initiatives forward.  Now that doesn’t really sound like SMART objectives so let me try and clarify.


  • I want to have all the EDMPASS meetings recorded via LiveMeeting and made available to everyone.
  • I want an average of 40 physical attendees per meeting by this time next year
  • I want to speak at 3 EDMPASS meetings before the next Summit

Abstract Selection Committee for the PASS Summit

  • This one is a bit tricky as I’ve said before that if I wanted to speak at the Summit that I wouldn’t feel right being on the committee so I’ll leave this one as “undecided” for now 🙂

  • My current unique visitors per month is anywhere from 6500 – 8000.  I’d like to maintain a constant 8000+ unique visitors a month
  • I’ll continue to blog frequently (at least twice a week) and add more new content to help increase my traffic.

SQL Wingmen

  • I want to increase my customer volume by at least 200% by this time next year

Policy Based Management Book

  • I want to finish this book and learn everything I can from the process
  • I will try to not make the editors go “comment crazy” with their nasty red font color 😉

So there you have it… nothing really new because I think if I added anything new (from a professional point of view) to this already pretty full plate I think my lovely wife would shoot me, that and adding new things at this point would take away from the positive direction and momentum that these tasks currently have.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

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  1. Jack Corbett says:

    Nice post. Always good to grow professionally, but need to keep family in mind as well.

    I have to say I’m amazed by all the energy and enthusiasm shown by the Twitter crowd. I can’t keep up.

  2. Shaun says:

    Awesome Post Colin. It’s important to have goals set for the new year and you’ve setup some awesome ones.

    Trying to balance work with family life is one of the hardest things to do but always know family comes first!

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