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EDMPASS + Twitter = Hockey Tickets?

If you were not able to attend the last EDMPASS meeting about the Summit then you missed out on a great round-table discussion.   A reoccurring theme in the discussion was around the networking/social aspect being so HUGE as part of the entire Summit experience.  Everyone knows that the Summit is THE #1 SQL Server Conference and that the speakers and sessions are amazing but the part of the Summit that surprised me the most was the networking side and Twitter in particular.

So as we like to do from time to time at EDMPASS we’re having ourselves a contest.

If you’re not on Twitter this is what you have to do:

  1. Join Twitter
  2. Add myself @ColinStasiuk  (This is how I’ll know you’re entering the contest)
  3. Add 10 or more SQL Server tweeps… here is a list from SQLServerPedia to help get you started or some of the frequent tweeters today are listed below…

This list is nothing more then me scrolling through my SQL Group and grabbing the first 10 people I see… so if you’re not on here sorry LOL

So there you go… you’re entered… easy huh?  Now I’m not going to force you to start a conversation with any of these people but all I ask is that you give it a chance and if you have something to contribute or ask… do so and see what happens 🙂

A tip for you as well… install TweetDeck… it’ll make the experience way more enjoyable.

If you ARE already on Twitter

  1. Add @ColinStasiuk if you don’t already have me on your list
  2. If you already have me on your list DM me asking to be entered
  3. Comment on this blog post and tell us a quick story of a positive experience you had with another SQL tweeter

So what’s the prize?


2 Tickets to an upcoming Edmonton Oilers game  – I have a few games to choose from so the winner will be able to pick

Now in order to be eligible for the draw you will have to take part in the Twitter contest and be in attendance for the Dec 16th EDMPASS Meeting with @SQLServerSleuth (hint hint… add him too!!!)


If you’re a reader (Thanks!!! 🙂  ) feel free to share YOUR real good feel good SQL Twitter story as well… (sorry no hockey tickets for you lol)


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  1. […] EDMPASS + Twitter = Hockey Tickets? […]

  2. Jack Corbett says:

    I have a blog post where I share 2 stories where Twitter has been helpful in my work.

  3. I’m really not eligible but I’ll share a story that I used during my SQL+Twitter talk at SQLSaturday (and also whenever I tell anyone about the value of Twitter).

    For those who don’t know Paul Randal (@paulrandal), I liken him as such: If the SQL World were the Star Wars Universe he and Kimberly Tripp (@kimberlyLTripp)would sit on the Jedi Council. That being said they’re pretty important in the SQL world.

    One fine day I got a call from a coworker whose server had run out of space because the transaction log file had grown too much (whoops). Rather than call me to fix the problem he did the thing all DBAs dread…he deleted the .LDF file and thought restarting SQL would rebuild a new one. Needless to say this pained me deeply. I tweeted my plight to the world (as I do whenever I’m working on something interesting) and Paul responded. Now the reason this was so exciting to me is for a few reasons: 1-This guy WROTE the code for DBCC CHECKDB and knows every nook and cranny of how the database engine works and how/why corruptions happen and how to fix them. If you’re interested in the technical bits of the story check out Paul’s blog post on it:

    Long story short, thanks to the relationships I’ve fostered with fellow SQL professionals I got world-class, one-on-one help (he and I emailed back/forth that afternoon while he walked me through what to look for, commands to run, etc.) and all for free. Simply put I cannot stress enough how much Twitter has enhanced my worklife and helped me to be a better DBA as now I have the power of so many sql resources at my fingertips almost instantly. Outside of SQL I also had another great experience the other day with Shay Levy (@shaylevy), Powershell guru extraordinaire. I don’t know PS well yet and he connected with me via Google voice chat and he helped review the script I was writing with me. Oh yeah, did I mention that Shay lives in Israel?!? Yeah, international help FTW!!!!

    Lastly how can I forget my connection with you Colin? Another international connection forged from the fires of Twitter. Now thanks to our connecting via Twitter you and I are collaborating with yet another SQL Tweep on writing a Policy Based Management book. I really should just copy/paste this on to my blog and make it a post as I’ve apparently rambled on enough for this.

  4. Jen McCown says:

    I’m not eligible, but here: Highly Amusing Index Frag Anecdote

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