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Round-Table Discussion Webcast for Quest Connect

Quest Connect 2009 started today and the webcast I recorded with Kevin Kline, Mike Walsh, and Jason Strate is available for viewing.

Much like the webcast I did on Auditing in SQL Server 2008  when I first watched/listened to the webcast I immediately thought of a million things I could of done better or explained more clearly but at the end of the day it was a one take webcast and it wasn’t something that we rehersed together so all in all I think everyone did an amazing job.

If you haven’t signed up for Quest Connect… head on over to the Quest Connect site and register.  There are a tonne of on-demand and pre-recorded sessions and did I mention that it’s FREE!!!

… and if you’re looking for our webcast on the Top 10 SQL Server Administration Mistakes  head on over to the On-Demand Webcasts – Hall C and I believe we’re the 4th one down.


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  1. Mike Walsh says:

    I thought of things I could have done/said better but I liked the flow of the conversation, good information and I even learned something watching it again just like I did when recording it with you guys (TEST YOUR ROLLBACKS!) Nice job, gentlemen.

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