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Free Registration for the Summit… SQLServerPedia / Quest Software / Brent Ozar THANKS!!!

A couple days ago I was DM’ed on Twitter by @BrentO with just this…..


A few minutes later I received an email from Brent (and Heather) from Quest Software with the subject line…. “You’re my favorite loser”.


So I opened the email and it turns out that being Quest Software’s favorite loser is a good GREAT thing!!

Brent Ozar and Quest Software wanted to thank me for everything that I’ve contributed to the community and (even though I didn’t win the “Dream Trip from SQLServerPedia”) they wanted to reward me by giving me a free pass (pun intended) for the 3 day PASS Summit in Seattle.


Talk about right out of the blue AWESOMENESS.

So I immediately emailed back thanking them and confessing my “geek-crush” on SQLServerPedia and Quest Software for everything they’ve done to help me get my foot in the door in the SQL Server community over the past year.  I explained that as a Chapter Leader I was already able to go to the Summit for free and asked if it was ok if I gave this free admission to one the EDMPASS members. (which they 100% agreed to)

So we sent an email out to the EDMPASS members explaining the situation and informing them that we were going to do a draw and to be included in the draw you must not already be registered and attending the Summit… that way we can get someone else to go who wasn’t already going in the first place… .if we were unable to find new attendees then we were going to draw names from the EDMPASS members who HAD already paid and they would get a refund from PASS.

We ended up getting a few entries who talked to their companies and go approved funding for flight/hotel… so without further adieu…  The winner of the free Registration for the PASS Summit is………………


Congratulations Leah and please contact me for details on how to register.

Happy Friday Everyone!!


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  1. Brent Ozar says:

    Awesome! Congrats, Leah! See you at the Summit.

  2. Well done Leah! Stop by the booth at PASS and say hi; looking forward to meeting you. And thanks Colin for your support of SQLServerPedia and Quest. Looking forward to meeting you in person at the show too.

  3. Congrats Leah 🙂 Enjoy the summit and come back to tell us all out it at EDMPASS!

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