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4 Weeks Away from the PASS Summit

4 Weeks from today I’ll be attending my first (yes I know it’s LONG overdue) PASS Summit.  I’ve been reading all the articles and posts about how to get the most out of the Summit and this is what I’ve done to make sure I don’t miss out on any opportunities to learn and chitchat with some of the greats out there:

  1. I’m flying into Seattle on the Sunday and flying out on the following Saturday… I haven’t committed to any pre or post conference workshops yet but if I do I still wanted to make sure I have ample time to meet up with some of the MANY people I tweet with and would love to meet
  2. I’m sharing a room with a friend (newly appointed MVP – Jeremiah Peschka) who has been to the Summit before so he should be a useful resource for information… we’re also planning on doing a video-blog after each day together and we’re hopefully going to be able to interview some other attendees/speakers/organizers/etc
  3. I’ve already started to try and make plans with some people to meet up for a drink or meet up at the airport and travel to the hotel together, etc
  4. I’ve ordered business cards a plenty as I don’t want to be caught without a card if someone is asking
  5. I’ve purchased a netbook so I can be sure to be “connected” at all times without needing to lug around my massive laptop

So to any and all of you veteran Summit attendees out there… do you have any other recommendations on how to help make this the best Summit experience ever for a first time attendee?  (other then an ample supply of Jaeger and Bacon? LOL)


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  1. Wendy says:

    Don’t make too many plans. Things change quickly and lots of fun stuff happens on the fly. Make sure you have your iPhone or BB ready for #sqlpass Tweets!

  2. Lee Anne says:

    What kind of netbook did you buy? I’m considering getting one, but I don’t have the justification of “business expense”…

  3. Dell Mini 10
    2 GB RAM
    250 GB hard drive
    1.3 MP webcam
    6 cell battery

    Loving it so far…. got it mainly for writing the book I’m working on but have found that I have it with me at all times now a days LOL

  4. Lori Edwards says:

    It’ll be my first PASS Summit and I’m looking forward to it also. Hope to meet you there!

  5. Have as many mobile devices with connectivity ready as possible.
    Have a camera ready and charged.
    Charge everything every night. Even if it’s at 95% charge, charge it.
    Pick sessions that challenge you.
    Pick sessions you know nothing about, but don’t do things like “Building High Volume Analytic Databases Using an OLTP Storage Engine” because you’ll end up making a HRRRNNNGGG face.
    Make back up plans for sessions you want to see because invariably they’ll all be at the same time or else they’ll all be full.
    Don’t make plans.
    Be flexible.

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  8. There’s also no ability to easily pull up my airline boarding passes. With my iPhone, I can add my boarding pass to Passbook. It’s there as I get to the security checkpoint — no fumbling around email folders or hoping there is a strong enough cell signal to download the image fresh.

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