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If you only knew the power of the dark side….


Have you ever not done something just for the fact that you’re afraid that you might like it? LOL

I’ve known enough Oracle to almost get by on a VERY basic level but I’m currently on a longterm gig and there is a bit of Oracle in the environment.  I quickly tweeted my dilemma “Gonna learn some Oracle and afraid that I might like it LOL”  and some of the comments have been pretty funny to read:

“Don’t do it”

“ask the eightball – the outcome is doubtful”

“You wont… it will just p*ss you off”

“… nothing simple or painless about it”

Of course the people who follow me on twitter are all hardcore SQL folks so their bias is much like mine (go SQL go!!) but I’m going to to my best to keep an open mind and learn everything I can.

A wise man once said “keep your friends close… and your enemies closer”

I wonder if PASS will revoke my membership or worse yet…. if I start writing the odd Oracle post will I be dropped from SQLRockstar’s Rankings? LOL


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  1. As a database professional, knowing about more than a single platform is always a good thing.

    With that said, allow me to go into Monty Python’s People’s Front of Judea mode.


  2. I noticed plenty of hiccups while going through my mundane smartphone test-ride, with Chrome totally freezing out on complex webpages, while other apps stuttered into life.

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