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Heard it from a friend who… heard it from a friend who…

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Have  I mentioned how much I love the SQL community….

Hey… have you heard that Jonathan Kehayis wrote a blog post about some uses for DBINFO and the dbi_version and dbi_createVersion values?

Yeah but did you hear that Paul Randal wrote a blog post about Checking if Data Purity check will be run based off of the dbi_createVersion ?

Yeah but did you hear that Sankar Reddy wrote a blog post about pulling the dbi_createVersion, dbi_version, and dbi_crdate for all databases in a single script?

Yeah but did you hear that Ken Simmons wrote a blog post about checking every databases data purity flag and identifying which databases will not perform the data purity check?

Like I said… I love the community… a single persons blog post spawns multiple variations and building of ideas and thoughts… and even though each persons blog post is different then the rest each author makes sure to call out the others posts as excellent related reading and “inspiration” for their post.

Hey… did you hear that Colin Stasiuk (thanks to an idea and email request from Ken Simmons 🙂 ) added a Policy Based Management Check Condition and Policy to check every database’s data purity check value in his environment…


Download .sql file: DataPurityFlag_Cdn


Download .sql file: DataPurityFlag_Ply

(Yeah I know I said I’d do a non-PBM post this time around but it wasn’t TOTALLY my fault hehehe 🙂 )


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  1. Kevin Kline says:

    Is this something like a “purity ring” that the Jonas Brothers wear? ;^)

  2. hahaha Kevin…I didn’t know you were so well versed in the Jonas arts…. 😉 either you have a horrible taste in music or preteen daughter(s). LOL

  3. […] Heard it from a friend who… heard it from a friend who… – Yet another hilarious blog posting from Colin, aka @BenchmarkIT. This guy’s on a roll. This time, he’s talking about a daisy chain of purity check info. […]

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