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The Wiki-Witch of the Quest


“I’ll Wiki you my pretty… and your little script too!!”

So I submitted my first Wiki article over at SQLServerPedia:

Restoring a User Database to a Different Environment

and I have to admit that when I first started thinking about it I was quite concerned about how to do it, whether the script is “wiki worthy”, am I the only one who would find this useful, etc… So let’s talk about it

How to do it – Well look no further then Brent Ozar to provide an amazing how to video: How to Write and Edit Articles

Is my script “Wiki-Worthy” – This is the great thing about a wiki… even if your script is a just basic script to make your job easier what it provides is a building block for others to take and grow into something that turns into a more robust solution. 

Would Anyone Else Find This Useful – Do YOU find your script useful?  So what makes you think you’re so special that others wouldn’t find it useful or maybe they have a similar script that doesn’t do as much as what your script does… maybe it does more and now someone can edit your wiki article to include their contributions.

At the end of the day a wiki article is a great way to not only give something back to the community but it also provides an excellent mechanism to have others edit and contribute their 2 cents into the script or discuss how they solve a similar problem.  If SQL Server has taught me anything it’s taught me that there are a million ways to solve a problem and the way that YOU solve your problem might work but there might be a better solution out there.

Now if you’ve thought of submitting a wiki article to SQLServerPedia… now is the time.  SQLServerPedia is giving away an all expenses paid trip to the PASS Summit for new writers that have never been to the Summit before…  Details Here

See you in Seattle!!


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