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I Love Getting Stuff In The Mail… Thanks @BrentO and Quest Crew!!

Got my shiney new Quest Software T-Shirt in the mail today!!



Thanks a bunch to @BrentO and the Quest Software gang 🙂


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  1. […] I Love Getting Stuff In The Mail… Thanks @BrentO and Quest Crew!! – Colin got his new SQLServerPedia t-shirt. I love these, and I’m jealous of everybody who got theirs, because I don’t have one yet, hahaha. […]

  2. SQLDeveloper says:

    Cute. How about, “You know #uran arrogant self-important DBA if you dis a technology without context.”

    Access is an important technology, but of course you can’t compare it to SQL Server or Oracle. It has great value for small, stand-alone databases. IOW, it doesn’t deserve a ‘snicker’ absolutely. Thinking about it, the shirt really demonstrates a lack of creativity. I don’t think I’d hire you. People that work for me must be open-minded and use the technology that best suits a given situation.

    B.O.: couldn’t you come up with something more creative than this?

  3. Brent Ozar says:

    @SQLDeveloper – if you’re saying you wouldn’t hire me because I won’t use Microsoft Access, then that’s a great decision, and a win for both of us. I wouldn’t apply to a job that required me to use Microsoft Access. Sounds like we’re both on the same page! While you’re at it, make sure you also don’t hire me to work with Outlook Express or Microsoft Works. Kthxbai.

  4. SDC says:

    Well, you just won’t get to use the best tools then, @BrentO. Like notepad.exe for development work. Open your mind, you zealot 🙂

  5. Brent Ozar says:

    @SDC – yeah, call me crazy, but I prefer using Paint. Now *that* is a powerful text editor. My code is GORGEOUS.

  6. LadyS says:

    wow. all these men talking geek… you’re making me hot.


  7. SQLDeveloper says:

    @Brent Based on the t-shirt I figured you would miss the point. The issue has nothing to do with *your* skills or MS Access in particular. It has to with the attitude the slogan conveys. My point, which is not so subtle, is that it takes resourcefullness, creativity and most particularly an open mind to use the best tool for the job, regardless of your preference towards, or myopia with, a certain technology. To say that a particular technology can *never* be used demonstrates the lack of creativity and resourcefulness. And that is what your t-shirt declares. It’s just funny to me how people bash a certain technologies, when they are just tools for us tech people to use. I wouldn’t use a jackhammer to hang a picture when a small claw hammer would do. You are obviously very focused on SQL Server with your blogging and all, but remember that a technology is a means to an end, not the end itself.

    @SDC, Your sarcasm actually reinforces my point. You’re giving context (development work) to a technology (notepad). Of course noone would normally do that given today’s IDE technologies. But notepad is great for simple text documents, no? What if that’s all your client wanted or needed? Would you tell them to pay for and use MS Word? I wouldn’t, or I wouldn’t be getting paid.

    And just for fun, what if your high volume web site was down and your boss told you it needs to be fixed in the next ten minutes and you had to make a damn quick edit to an html or config file? And you were visiting your mother in Madison who has an old Compaq 486 with no RDP client? In that case, maybe I’d ftp the file down and use notepad. Who knows. I hope you get the point.

    And sorry to go on like this, but just to get back to Access for a second, I’m not a fanboy of any particular technology, including Access (I mainly develop with SQL server), and I haven’t personally used Access in years, but you can’t argue that there are many small products that use it every day on millions of computers. So it’s not quite obsolete yet. Perhaps you don’t yet have have enough real-world experience to realize that there are many businesses or consumers that simply can’t or won’t install a ‘real’ database like SQL Server.

  8. Brent Ozar says:

    @SQLDeveloper – jeebus, will you just leave comments in one place for crying out loud? Pick a blog entry and stick with it. It’s like playing whack-a-mole. I left my responses over on my blog:

  9. David Hay says:

    All I can say is, where do I get mine? Thank for a fun way to spend my lunch hour reading this!

  10. julie latour says:

    i love getting free stuff by mail

  11. julie latour says:

    i love getting free stuff by mail and finding new websites

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