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PASS Summit and SQL Connections



As some of you know this year I’m going to my first PASS Summit.  I’m pretty pumped about the whole thing and am looking forward to chit-chatting with all the SQL tweeps that I talk with (either via email or Twitter).  Everywhere I look these days it seems like everyone is blogging about the PASS Summit, contests for all expenses paid trips to the Summit, you don’t have to look far to find tweets about the Summit, etc but nobody seems to be doing the same sort of thing for SQL Connections.

The only conference I’ve gone to in the past has been SQL Connections and it was a great event with some tremedious speakers (not to mention Las Vegas is always a great place to visit).  I was still in my “community voyeur” stage of my career so I didn’t take the time to really talk to anyone or get to know people but I still found it to be an amazing experience.

So my question is… am I not looking in the right places or has SQL Connections dropped the ball a bit in creating some hype and excitement around this event?  I mean look at this listing of only SOME of the speakers:

  • Itzik Ben-Gan
  • Steve Jones
  • Grant Fritchey
  • K Brian Kelley
  • Andrew Kelly
  • Adam Machanic
  • Brad McGehee
  • Paul Randal
  • Kimberly Tripp

You can’t tell me that you wouldn’t be excited to see all these great speakers (and more) in one conference AND be in Las Vegas at the same time!!!

Now this is NOT an article to try and debate as to which event is better cause well I haven’t been to a Summit yet and I wouldn’t be able to accurately compare the two… but I guess I’m just suprised that more people aren’t going to or talking as much about SQL Connections. 

At the end of the day I hope that you’re able to go to at least one (if not both) of these events as I’m sure they will both be alot of fun and a great educational experience.


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  1. I so don’t belong in that list. Seriously. And you missed Grant. He does.

  2. I haven’t had the pleasure yet of hearing Grant speak or seeing him present…something I hope to rectify at the Summit this year with his presentation on Best Practices for working with Execution Plans (

    This was definitely NOT an all encompassing list by any means (so definitely no disrespect was intended if I missed some key people)… just mearly a highlight list of people I’ve heard speak in the past either live or via webcasts, etc.

    Thanks for reading KBK!!

  3. Brent Ozar says:

    My guess – and this is just a guess – is that SQL Connections doesn’t have the grassroots organization that PASS does. PASS, being a nonprofit group, gets a ton of free labor. The regional PASS folks have a vested interest in promoting the PASS Summit, and they get discounts on their costs. SQL Connections isn’t a volunteer organization, so they don’t have the volunteer army to build buzz. Pretty much any for-profit organization faces that challenge.

  4. Chris Wood says:


    I found Connections was more for the developer than like me a DBA. PASS is the place to go if you are a DBA who only dabbles with code.


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