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PASS Summit DBA Abstract Reviews – Done!!! :)

176 abstracts reviewed and I must say that there are going to be some amazing sessions at this years Summit. I spent a good portion of my long weekend (Victoria Day in Canada) finishing up the ratings and it’s going to be very hard picking which sessions make it, which are alternates, and which get rejected. I’m glad I’m not the only one on the DBA review team because it would be a VERY difficult job for one person to do.

All the major topics have multiple abstracts submitted (Security, Performance Monitoring and Tuning, Manageability, High Availability, etc) so rest assured that at the Summit this year you’ll be seeing the best of the best.

If you haven’t volunteered your time before to help with the Summit or PASS in general I highly recommend it. You will need to invest some of your own personal time but it’s the volunteers that help steer the direction of the Summit and PASS as a whole and if you think PASS is important enough to be a part of then you should do what you can to help make it that much better.

Expect more blog posts in the coming week that will be back to a more “techie” feel.


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