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Interviewing These Days

As most/some/none of you know I had an interview today for my next potential gig.  Everything went great and the interviewers were very nice and easy to talk to.  Something I found in the last few interviews I’ve been a part of is that the interview is more focussed on scenario walkthroughs rather then the “Microsoft Exam” type of questions.  I think this is a great and effective way to really get a handle on how different people work in different situations while still allowing the interviewee the opportunity to ‘flex’ their skills in the process.

I assume alot of this has to do with the fact that once you’ve reach a certain level of experience everyone should know the difference between a clustered and non-clustered index.  When interviewing for a “higher end” SQL Server DBA role I find that you get a few oober-techie type of questions but the interviewees are more looking for how the individual would handle different use cases.

I’ve recently been on the interviewer side of things and in reviewing my questions I did the same thing without really realizing it.  Back 5 or so years ago I remember usually having to go through 2 interviews… one a touchy feely personality type of interview and then the other a full on hour of tech questions that looked like they were taking straight off an MCITP exam or something.

Anyways… it was a great experience (as I’m one of those weird people who like interviews) and sounds like it would be a great project to be a part of.


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