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Moving Blues… did I mention I hate moving? lol

So I moved this weekend and when I finally got things setup and logged into my google reader I was met with over 50 new unread items. I always do a quick scan and mark off the articles I’m going to read first and then go back and read those and then continue on with the rest so here’s my top 10 list of the articles I haven’t read yet but am most interested in (please keep in mind these are NOT all SQL Server related):

(and yes I understand that this is a lame Monday morning post for me but I couldn’t even find any dress shoes this morning after the move so I promise I’ll make up for it later)

So here we go in no particular order:

My Top 5 SQL Server Indexing Best Practices – Tim Ford
PASS Summit Sessions Submitted  – Kendal Van Dyke
Wild Rose Detox Cleanse – Shaun Guthrie
Auditing in SQL Server 2008  – Technet
DBAs Behaving Badly (3/10) Change Control – Rod Colledge
Optimists, Pessimists, and Technology People –  Brent Ozar
Analyze This – Analyze Your Indexes – Part 4 –  Jason Strate
Walk for MS –  Jay Danger Graham
Watch a First Time Reader Use Your Blog  – Darren Rowse
How Did I Get Started? – SQLBatman


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