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Sound Notification When Query Finishes Executing

So on twitter this morning a question was asked about attaching a sound file to SQL Server Management Studio to play a sound when a query completes.

So I decided to poke around the managment studio a bit and under Tools -> Options if you select Query Results there is a checkbox for playing the default beep when a query batch completes.



Who knew? I didn’t LOL

Granted this doesn’t give you the option to attach your own sound… but I imagine there are some smart folks out there that would be able to “hack-fu” something if needed hehehe :)


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  2. Tim Mitchell says:

    Colin, thanks for posting this. I was digging too deeply when trying to find this setting earlier today.

  3. Jay Graham says:

    Just change the windows default beep to whatever you want…

    Control Panel>Sounds> Scroll down to Default Beep…. Browse for your WAV file..

    BUT… you have to make sure that you want to have that sound for EVERY thing that uses the beep.

  4. Bill says:

    What’s sad is that in Enterprise Manager you could choose ANY sound you wanted, not just the “default beep”.

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