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30 Years Old… Not As Fun As 20 LOL

So today I turn 30… it’s alot more real when you type it and it stares you back in the face. I’m a husband with a great (and very understanding) wife, a father of an amazing 2 1/2 year old son and wonderful newborn baby daughter. It’s a weird feeling. Everyone always says that it’s just another day or another year and you’re only as old as you “feel” but no matter how you slice it I’m in my 30s LOL that’s just weird to say.

Thanks to everyone and their birthday wishes… I’m spending (almost) the whole day with my family so I’ll be pretty disconnected but I’ll be back on tomorrow if I remember how to turn on this new fangle dangle thing they call a computer. If you talk to me don’t forget to speak loudly as I heard rumors that once you’re in your 30s you grow hair in places you didn’t have hair before like your ears hahaha

You young wipper snappers out there have a great day and remember to respect your elders (or at least don’t laugh at them until they are far enough away not to hear LOL)

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