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Oh no… not another “economy” post

Well this is my first economy post but I’m sure EVERYONE has read their fair share of posts related to the economic crisis. I’ll be keeping this post fairly specific to the topics that I stay on top of because if I start going off on a tangent about the economy as a whole well I’ll be WAY out of my league and would sound quite uninformed I’m sure.

First: The number of “DBA” jobs on Workopolis. This is what I generally use as my litmus test as to the market for the type of work I do. A year ago at this time if you saw a number between 120 and 130 available that would be considered normal. Today I had a peek and it’s currently sitting at 77. For me this is a pretty good indication of a couple things… 1) new full time employee positions are not being approved at the same rate as they were a year ago and 2) during this time of economic uncertainty people aren’t so quick to bounce to a new opportunity. I for one have seen specific examples of both and was on an interview panel for a position where the candidate eventually declined the offer due to not wanting to start a new job with a “probation period”.

Second: The number of available houses in the Edmonton and surrounding area. This number a year ago would be anywhere from 13,000-14,000 on a given day where as looking today (the site I look at) is sitting at just over 8,000. I read in a newspaper that the average cost of a home is 12% less this time of year vs. last year. 12% is huge especially when you take a $400,000 home and it’s now going for $352,000. People are pulling their homes off the market and the ones that are still on the market are continually dropping their prices. Some of these homes are for sale because the owner bought 2 or 3 houses in the boom looking to flip them and now their mortgages can’t be paid cause they were not able to resell.

Anyways these are just a couple of the many things I’ve noticed in the past few months. It will be very interesting to see how bad things get before a turnaround happens. Personally my wife and I are looking at buying a house in the next few months and will be watching housing prices very carefully to make sure we’re not buying until the market levels out and starts heading back the other direction.

To those who have been “saving for a rainy day” kudos to you and hopefully that day never comes and to those who haven’t I’d start trying to put whatever you can away now just in case that Friday afternoon suprise meeting gets called in your office.

Good luck everyone!!

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  1. For the casual user, it likely won’t be a major concern, but the phone’s pricetag isn’t magical, and you shouldn’t really compare it to the similar, though more speedy M8 or M9.

  2. We’re still a full 24 hours out from the public release of Apple’s iPhone 7, and pre-orders have been open for nearly a week as well.

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