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LogMeIn – Epic Win

Sorry for sounding like a “fanboy” but not too often does a free service offering like this come around.  I was in the market for a remote access solution so that I can access my home computer if needed from a remote location.  I “tweeted” about my search and some people pointed me in the direction of LogMeIn.

The LogMeInFree service does everything I need (which is pretty basic) I just need the ability to remote to my computer.  Simple enough… but some products out there are asking quite a cost for the same offering.  There is also a paid offering LogMeInPro that gives you more features (drag and drop, remote printing, remote sound, File Sync, etc) but for what I need it for (right now) the free offering is great.

Be aware that some corporate firewalls block services like LogMeIn so be sure to download a trial and see if it’s a solution that can work for you.

Thanks for the tip “Tweeters”

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