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So I decided to get some new business cards as I always seem to be without. I went through a friend referal and used Rayacom. I was quite impressed with Rayacom as they had blank Photoshop templates on their website with bleed border layers, etc. I created 2 distinctly different designs walked away for a couple days and went back to them and one was a clear cut winner. I am quite happy with the results and here is some advice if you’re looking at getting new business cards:

1) Get a sample printed – This is key. That way you can show it to a few different people, get opinions/feedback, and make any changes that make sense to you

2) Round the edges of your card – While this does usually cost more this gives your card a more modern look in my opinion

3) Laminate your cards – If your card has very bright colors and you want to keep those colors bring use a glossy finish rather then a matte

4) Print a limited number of cards – This way if after a while your title, information, etc changes or if you just want to change it up you don’t have boxes and boxes of cards that become useless to you. Yes printing smaller a smaller number of cards is not as cost effective as buying in bulk but at the end of the day if you throw away 1/2 of your massive order are you really saving money?

There are a tonne of options now with business cards that never used to be available so take a look at your current card and maybe it’s time for a business card facelift.

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. Jay Graham says:

    You should post a downloadable business card for adding into contact information / address books of clients. This way.. they have a visual reminder of your company.

  2. Rafal Dyrda says:

    Which business card did you end up going with? You only showed me one design. I’m in the process of redesigning my card a bit as well. Just need to find a finish that I like.

  3. I ended up going with my 2nd design… great advice on creating more than 1 design and walking away for day or two and coming back to them.. definetly a clearcut winner.

    Thanks… next time I’ll go with a glossy finish I think… with the bright orange of my “corporate colors” the matte finish (while very cool looking) dulled the colors a bit too much.

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