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WordPress changes my T-SQL code again :(

Sorry for the lack of updates today (and probably tomorrow)… For some reason my single quotes ‘ in my T-SQL code have changed back to grave accents `.

I wrote about this a while back and had to go back and change all my other blog entries and made sure my future ones were good to go as well.  Today I started writing a blog and thought.. hmm this sounds familar I think I’ve blogged about this before and when I went back to look at my old blogs I was met with the grave accents (that are going to put me in my grave I’m sure LOL 🙂 )

Tonight I’m going to work on a MySQL script to run against my WordPress database to do some searching and replacing… mental note I’m not a MySQL guru so best to backup my database before trying to cowboy my way to a solution hahaha

If I come up with something good I’ll be sure to post it as opening each blog entry manually and doing a search and replace with the HTML is NOT fun.

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