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Parsing XML into a Table Structure… possible?

Well let me elaborate a bit.

The use case (which I’m now hating R.K. for bringing up cause I wont let it go now LOL 🙂 ) where this applies is….

“I want to insert into a temp table the results of a dynamic sql statement”

The caveat being this has to be done WITHOUT knowing the structure or being able to predefine it.

This is where I’m at right now….

DECLARE @receiveTable TABLE(xml_data XML)
DECLARE @xml_data XML
@strSQL NVARCHAR(2000)
SET @strSQL = 'SELECT * INTO #tmp1 FROM sysobjects;DECLARE @tbl TABLE(xml_data xml); DECLARE @xml xml;

Set @xml = (Select * from #tmp1 FOR XML AUTO); INSERT INTO @tbl(xml_data) SELECT @xml; SELECT * FROM @tbl'

INSERT INTO @receiveTable


SET @xml_data = (SELECT * FROM @receiveTable


SELECT @xml_data

So how do I now take the XML and parse it back into a table structure format WITHOUT predefining the structure?  Any XML gurus out there that are reading this… help would be greatly appreciated!! 🙂

(Now the question is not whether or not I should or shouldn’t be doing this with the dynamic sql and the xml and my formatting, etc… this is strictly a “Can it be done” question)

I’ll also be updating this and posting the solution or my acceptance that it just can’t be done 🙂

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