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70-453 Exam coming up…

So I’m writing my upgrade exam for my MCITP-DBA (missed cutoff date for the beta on this one) in a couple weeks and haven’t found much of anything in regards to Microsoft approved practice exams so I guess I’ll be going in blind.

With SQL Server’s new aggressive release schedule of a new version every 2 – 3 years it feels like I”m going to always be writing some kind of exam every few months to stay on top of my current certifications.   As an independent contractor I feel more of a need to not only bring the experience but also the certs to back it up.  I guess the constant exam writing ensures that I’m on top of all the new features/functionality that comes with each new version.

Anyways not the most groundbreaking blog this fine Monday morning but just something that was on my mind when I got my email reminder that my exam is coming up.

Have a good week everyone!

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