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Tracking/Securing your User Names and Passwords

So how do YOU do it? (not a rhetorical question… I really want to know 🙂 )

I use a free tool (insert witty “boy is he cheap” joke here) called Password Safe.  It’s a great little tool for keeping track of the (as of this morning) 69 user names and passwords that I currently use.  After all the recent hacking going on I all of a sudden got paranoid about some of my shared password that I use.  I have 4 or 5 passwords that I use on a regular basis and I try and group them so my online banking passwords are never the same as the password I use for something like Twitter.  I also try to go through and if the user is for either a website I don’t go to much anymore, etc I’ll usually go to that website and change the password to something even more obscure then my normal passwords just to eliminate the sharing of passwords even more.

So that’s how I keep track of my passwords and my general rules of thumb… so what do you do?

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  1. Rafal says:

    I usually have one username/password for generic websites, one username/password for web applications, and a different username/password for banking etc. My password is always “thisismypassword” 😀

  2. Shaun says: We use this at work and I also use it at home. Free and works great.

  3. hehehe perfect… if everyone can please leave their banking information and password after every post that would be great LOL

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