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Twitter DBA Community

Talk about missing out on an opportunity to touchbase with some of the great DBAs and people out there in the world.  I tried for the longest time to avoid the whole “Twitter” world but after enough peer pressure I jumped in and I’m sure glad I did.

If you’re new to Twitter here is a great list DBAs on Twitter to get you started.

If you’ve been a DBA for a while I’m sure you’ve read articles written by alot of these people and although alot of the conversation doesn’t always apply to SQL Server there is some great discussions going on all the time.

I personally use to stay on top of everything.

Anyways happy blogging and happy tweeting and feel free to check me out on Twitter at:

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  1. Brent Ozar says:

    Thanks, and glad you liked the SQLServerPedia Twitter list! I got frustrated after trying to find SQL people for so long, and this was the easiest way to keep everybody on the same “page”, har har ho ho.

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