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Top 10 SQL 2008 Features for Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Applications

SQLCat has wriiten a great article summarizing some of the key new offerings in SQL Server 2008 as they relate the ISVs.

“Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 has hundreds of new and improved features, many of which are specifically designed for large scale independent software vendor (ISV) applications, which need to leverage the power of the underlying database while keeping their code database agnostic. This article presents details of the top 10 features that we believe are most applicable to such applications based on our work with strategic ISV partners. Along with the description of each feature, the main pain-points the feature helps resolve and some of the important limitations that need to be considered are also presented. The features are grouped into two categories: ones that do not require any application change (features 1-8) and those that require some application code change (features 9-10). The features are not prioritized in any particular order.”

1 Data Compression
2 Backup Compression
3 Transparent Data Encryption
4 Data Collector and Management Data Warehouse
5 Lock Escalation
6 Plan Freezing
7 Optimize for Ad hoc Workloads Option
8 Resource Governor
9 Table-Valued Parameters
10 Filestream

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