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SQL Server Kilimanjaro

Alot of people (at the PASS Summit) got a preview of the next release of SQL Server code named Kilimanjaro.  I’m going to just call it KJ cause well it’s just easier 🙂 who knows… maybe it’ll catch on LOL.

Anyways… with an planned release of the first half of 2010.  Quentin Clark, general manager of Microsoft’s SQL Server group, said Kilimanjaro is not the next version of SQL Server. 

In an interview he was quoted: “Kilimanjaro is really an add-on kind of release. It’s not really a major release, it’s not a new database,” Clark said. “We will do bug fixes and other minor stuff but it’s not a major release of the database engine.”

So I guess Microsoft is trying to make good on it’s promise to release a new version of SQL Server every 2 years… it will be interesting to see the trend in the industy and how quickly companies adopt the new releases.  To this point Microsoft will only “offically” support the current version and 1 previous version (Currently SQL 2008 and SQL 2005).  Smaller 3rd party vendors are going to a tough time keeping up as well.  I’ve seen a tonne of databases that are finally on SQL 2005 but running in backwards compatibility mode because they cannot fully migrate to SQL 2005 without some major redevelopment.

Fun fun fun… but hey… I’ll take this over having to wait 5+ years for drastic improvements 🙂

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