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GoDaddy (Rant in the making? perhaps)

So I’m using GoDaddy to host both as well as a new page I’m making for the SQL PASS Edmonton Chapter (  When I installed WordPress (v 2.7.0) using the “automagical” install provided by GoDaddy I started to make EDMPASS into what I was looking for.  I started installing my theme of choice, my […]

WordPress changes my T-SQL code again :(

Sorry for the lack of updates today (and probably tomorrow)… For some reason my single quotes ‘ in my T-SQL code have changed back to grave accents `. I wrote about this a while back and had to go back and change all my other blog entries and made sure my future ones were good to […]

Tracking/Securing your User Names and Passwords

So how do YOU do it? (not a rhetorical question… I really want to know 🙂 ) I use a free tool (insert witty “boy is he cheap” joke here) called Password Safe.  It’s a great little tool for keeping track of the (as of this morning) 69 user names and passwords that I currently […]

Twitter DBA Community

Talk about missing out on an opportunity to touchbase with some of the great DBAs and people out there in the world.  I tried for the longest time to avoid the whole “Twitter” world but after enough peer pressure I jumped in and I’m sure glad I did. If you’re new to Twitter here is […]

SyncToy v2.0

If you follow my Twitter (don’t worry I wont tell anyone) you’ll know that I’ve been looking for a new sync tool now that I’m 64 bit at home.  I used to use FileSync a nice free tool that was great for my needs other then the fact that if you synced files larger then […]

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