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Do You Even Blog Bro? (Stats, Execution Plans, Indexes, and crazyness)

Have you ever worked with a piece of software for like 15-20 years and ended up doing something with that product that you haven’t or can’t remember doing ever before?   This happened to me quite recently and although I wont have a bunch of sexy scripts for you to reproduce the problem I will […]

What Is My Restore Doing?

I love that I can still learn cool new stuff with SQL Server even after 15 years 🙂 I was trying to troubleshoot a problem and got to the point where I was questioning everything I knew about backups/restores because I just couldn’t explain what was going on and why a restore was taking so […]

Check Constraints That Call Functions

Originally this blog post was going to be about how using check constraints that call functions basically eliminates SQL Server’s ability to do set-based operations and I was going to setup an example that inserted 10 rows to show that because of the check constraint that calls a function SQL Server ends up calling the […]

If an Index is Heavily Fragmented Will SQL Server Still Use It?

Brent Ozar ( @BrentO , blog ) recently wrote a blog post about how you should Stop Worrying About SQL Server Fragmentation which prompted this twitter convo: So I thought I would write up a quick test that does the following: Create a Test DB Create a test table (Customers) that has a CreateDateTime that […]

EDMPASS July Meeting w/Brent Ozar #YEG

On July 7th 2010 the Edmonton Chapter of PASS is having it’s next meeting. Details below: Please be sure to not only click the “Add to my calendar” but also the “Register” button so that we can plan accordingly for food and drinks.  Date:  July 7th 2010 Time: 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm Location: Stanley A. Milner library Map: […]

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