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Heard it from a friend who… heard it from a friend who…

Background music while you read this post Have  I mentioned how much I love the SQL community…. Hey… have you heard that Jonathan Kehayis wrote a blog post about some uses for DBINFO and the dbi_version and dbi_createVersion values? Yeah but did you hear that Paul Randal wrote a blog post about Checking if Data Purity […]

Categorizing your Policies… yes ANOTHER PBM post

I’m sorry but I’m loving me some PBM right now. Something that I’ve found to be very useful is creating a custom Policy Category.  I have scheduled jobs that evaluates all the policies that belong to a specific category.  So what I do is I categorize the Policies that I want ran based on when […]

Fail Whale for SSMS and CMS for PBM using PS

Translation: Fail Whale for SQL Server Management Studio and Central Management Server for Policy Based Managment using PowerShell…. lol simple eh? So this is a Microsoft Connect Item in the making… I had created a PowerShell script to run a bunch of policies against a list of servers that I defined in a ServerList.txt file.  […]

Look what I can do!! (w/Policy Based Management)

If you’ve never watched Stuart from MadTV the Title of this blog post will probably be lost on you but if you want to get up to speed just Watch This Video on YouTube So if you read my blog (first thanks!! 🙂 ) you know that I’ve been having a love affair lately with […]

Hiding Your “Kibbles and Bits”

One guess on who’s having WAY TOO MUCH FUN blogging these day?? LOL Too often DBAs don’t take the time to review their environments and their surface area exposure.  You want to evaluate the features that you’ve enabled and determine if they are required.  The less features enabled, the less likelyhood that you will have a […]

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