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SQL Databases That Have Not Had a Full Backup in x Days

So something that you should do regardless of the alerts, notifications, etc that you have setup is to just have a daily sanity check on your database backups. Sure you don’t have any failed jobs but what if the job never attempted to run in the first place like it was supposed to? If a […]

SQL Server 2005 Edition Upgrade

As most of my posts are inspired by stuff I’ve been working on or have worked on recently this is no different. A request came in to upgrade a SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition Instance to a SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition Instance.  Funny thing is that I’ve been working with SQL Server 2005 since […]

Moving MSDB – Notifications via DatabaseMail

If you’ve ever moved MSDB and have notifications setup using DatabaseMail then you probably already know what I (re)learned today. If you move MSDB your notifications will stop working.  Why you may ask? It’s because the ENABLE_BROKER configuration is set to false when you move MSDB.  Now I can’t seem to find (google) any information […]

Corrupt as a Dirty Politican… breathe and think before acting.

So first off I made the “tempdb” group in SQLBatman’s rankings which means I’m a blogger “that is on his radar screen right now”.   He didn’t say whether or not it was a good radar screen or not but I’m in there with Jeremiah Peschka and Kendal Van Dyke so I’ll take it as a compliment for sure. […]

Statistics… Peeling Away More Of The Onion

So this post is a continuation of sorts of my last post on Updating Statistics before or after an index rebuild. I asked myself the question “How often should you run statistic maintenance in general? and do I have to run any statistic maintenance if I have auto update stats enabled?” OK I didn’t REALLY […]

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