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Fail Whale for SSMS and CMS for PBM using PS

Translation: Fail Whale for SQL Server Management Studio and Central Management Server for Policy Based Managment using PowerShell…. lol simple eh? So this is a Microsoft Connect Item in the making… I had created a PowerShell script to run a bunch of policies against a list of servers that I defined in a ServerList.txt file.  […]

The Wiki-Witch of the Quest

“I’ll Wiki you my pretty… and your little script too!!” So I submitted my first Wiki article over at SQLServerPedia: Restoring a User Database to a Different Environment and I have to admit that when I first started thinking about it I was quite concerned about how to do it, whether the script is “wiki […]

The Yo-Yo Diet For Your Database

Everytime I see a database with both AutoGrow and AutoShrink enabled I cringe.  I don’t “snicker” cause I leave any and all snickering to when someone says the words “Access Database”.  See here if you’re confused. OK so why is having both AutoGrow and AutoShrink enabled on your database such a bad thing… I mean Microsoft […]

xp_delete_file vs. PowerShell

So I’m a firm believer in the KISS theory. No not THAT KISS… the Keep It Simple Stupid theory. So when it comes to backups… if I’m not needing to “trick them out” or do anything custom I don’t have any problems with setting up a nice and easy maintenance plan and calling it a […]

Bloated MSDB database

So how do you drop databases? Do you use a simple DROP DATABASE statement? Do you detach the database and remove the files manually? Do you use the GUI? Run these two quick and dirty queries for me: SELECT COUNT(*) FROM   msdb.dbo.backupset SELECT COUNT(*) FROM   msdb.dbo.backupset WHERE  database_name NOT IN (SELECT name FROM master.dbo.sysdatabases)   So how much of your MSDB database is filled with backup […]

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