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My #SQLFamily and Community Battery is Charging Up!!

Every year around this time I feel so drained when it comes to my extra curricular SQL activities… and every year the PASS Summit rolls around to give that battery a recharge and gets me back excited about everything SQLish in nature. This year is no exception… I find myself back wanting to blog more […]

SQL Bacon Nugget of Excellence Award @SQLPoolBoy

Not sure how I haven’t seen this before but I’m hopefully not the only one out there. The AdventureWorks2008R2 Books Online Random Workload Generator The PowerShell script will take a random query (from the Books Online example SELECT statements) and run them with a configurable delay inside an infinite loop. You can run as many […]

My First MVP Summit

WOW… that’s the only way to describe the past week. I had the pleasure of speaking at my first SQLSaturday in Vancouver (which went really well I think) and I attended my first MVP Summit. I can’t say enough about how Microsoft treated us last week and the level of information that was provided.  SO […]

Error 3964 – Angry Cat

So I hate cats… but this describes me perfectly right now. Error 3964 on CREATE INDEX on temporary table under SNAPSHOT ISOLATION LEVEL. I understand the error but what I don’t understand is WHY on a # temporary table (that is tied directly to my SPID) this would be an issue? I found this: CONNECT […]

Tap Tap Tap…. Is This Thing On?

I’m excited to officially say I’m “back in the game” 🙂 I’ve been wanting to get back into blogging for a LONG time now as it used to be a very rewarding and fun way to share some SQL goodness with whomever decided to check it out. Trying to find a “comeback” topic is tricky […]

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