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SQL Databases That Have Not Had a Full Backup in x Days

So something that you should do regardless of the alerts, notifications, etc that you have setup is to just have a daily sanity check on your database backups. Sure you don’t have any failed jobs but what if the job never attempted to run in the first place like it was supposed to? If a […]

Backup Compression Savings

A while back I wrote a post on SQL 2008’s Backup Compression where I took a sample database and performed a backup with and without compression being used and did some basic comparisons. So let’s say now you’ve been using SQL 2008 with the backup compression for a while now and would like to see […]


In SQL 2005 a COPY_ONLY option became available for backing up your databases.  What COPY_ONLY does is take a backup (full or t-log) without affecting the backup/restore cycle.  This is a great new feature as quite often DBAs are asked for an out of sequence backup to be taken to restore to a different environment.  […]

SQL Server 2008 – Backup compression

Backup compression is something new to SQL Server in SQL 2008 and it’s something that products like SQL LiteSpeed will be quite interested. Using a sample database I ran the following scripts and listed the results below: DECLARE @StartDateTime DATETIME = GETDATE()BACKUP DATABASE <<DatabaseName>>  TO DISK = 'D:\NotCompressed.bak' WITH INIT, COPY_ONLYSELECT DATEDIFF(ms, @StartDateTime, GETDATE()) SET @StartDateTime […]

Backup Types in SQL Server

This post may not be the most technical or advanced dicussion but I think it’s important that everyone knows what is available within SQL Server and the differences between them. Full Backup – This is like it sounds a full copy of the databases. Full backups take the most time to complete but they are […]

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