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What Is My Restore Doing?

I love that I can still learn cool new stuff with SQL Server even after 15 years 🙂 I was trying to troubleshoot a problem and got to the point where I was questioning everything I knew about backups/restores because I just couldn’t explain what was going on and why a restore was taking so […]

Meme Monday

Welcome to the first Meme Monday! Today’s meme is “Write a SQL blog post in 11 words or less”, and here is my entry: Taking backups is half the job, don’t forget to restore them Tag Time Grant Fritchey (blog @GFritchey ) Aaron Bertrand ( blog @AaronBertrand ) Jorge Segarra ( blog @SQLChicken ) Great idea […]

Select or Edit Top x Rows

So a little SQL Server Management Studio tip/trick for today (inspired by a user question… Thanks Brandon!!) When you right click on a table you’re given the options to Select Top 1000 rows or Edit Top 200 rows as shown below: If you choose to SELECT, SQL Server Management Studio will build your SELECT statement […]

The Wiki-Witch of the Quest

“I’ll Wiki you my pretty… and your little script too!!” So I submitted my first Wiki article over at SQLServerPedia: Restoring a User Database to a Different Environment and I have to admit that when I first started thinking about it I was quite concerned about how to do it, whether the script is “wiki […]

I am not the first DBA to take up this cause… but I am determined to be the last

OK maybe this article is not THAT important LOL but it was a great quote by Obama so I figured I’d work it in LOL 😉 Please know what Recovery Mode your databases are in and your recovery requirements and then back them up accordingly. Too often I see databases that are in a Full […]

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