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It’s Here!!!

My lovely wife Heather gave me a call and said… “Guess what I have in my hands?”  I had heard that Ken and Jorge received their author copies this week so I was very quick to guess it right 🙂 Can’t wait to get home today and check it out… I have all the pdf […]

The 5 Love Languages – A Professional Point Of View

(Bear with me through the first part… there is a “professional” theme to the post LOL) OK so wifey and I before getting married were required to take a marriage course. I wasn’t at the time entirely sure why. Perhaps this is where they told her to have my pipe and slippers ready for me […]

Things You Know Now…

Michelle Ufford aka SQLFool tagged me in her blog post, Things you know now…, and asked “It doesn’t have to be DBA skills, but what do you wish you knew when you were starting?” Here’s my top 3 (well not really my top 3 cause I’m going to try and not say something that has […]

Business Cards

So I decided to get some new business cards as I always seem to be without. I went through a friend referal and used Rayacom. I was quite impressed with Rayacom as they had blank Photoshop templates on their website with bleed border layers, etc. I created 2 distinctly different designs walked away for a […]

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