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And the Emmy Award Goes To……

Yup…. Something I didn’t know was even on my bucket list just got crossed off (that’s how bucket lists work right? lol).

I won an Emmy Award! (OK so it wasn’t just me that won an Emmy but the company that I contract out to)

Invidi Technologies won an Emmy for “System for Executing Targeted Household Advertising on Linear Television”

Eat your heart out Steve Carell, Courtney Cox, and Jerry Seinfeld (actors who I googled who never won an Emmy lol)

Chances are in you live in the USA and get your TV programming through DirecTV, Dish, Verizon, or Comcast that you have the Advatar software running in your set top box and don’t even know it.

The easiest way to describe the Advatar software is that you and your neighbor could be watching the same show on TV and when a commercial comes on for a holiday experience because you are a family of 4 you may see a commercial for Disneyland but your neighbors who are a single couple with no kids might get a commercial for the Dominican Republic.  Pretty cool stuff.

Anyways… I haven’t posted in a while and this was something very cool and something I’m proud of.

I may need to change my twitter handle to @EmmyAwardWinningColinStasiuk …. hmmmm doesn’t quite roll off the tongue 🙂


Enjoy!! (Follow me on Twitter: @ColinStasiuk)

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