I Love Data

After 20 years of being a production SQL Server Database Administrator and blogging about anything/everything SQL Server I decided to purge my blog and start fresh.  The “Data World” has changed and I’m changing with it.

I’ve been laser focused on SQL Server specifically for so long I decided to expand my expertise and learn other data technologies like Azure, Hadoop, Kafka, Cosmos DB, Cassandra, etc.

I have been a multi-year Microsoft SQL Server MVP and still have multiple certifications around SQL Server so there still will be the occasional blog post around SQL Server, but for the most part the more I get my hands dirty in other data technologies the more I want a platform to “geek out” on.

The core of my consulting services are still heavily focused around SQL Server (on-premise and in the cloud) but I will be using this website as a way to share some of the cool stuff I’m learning and working with using other technologies that involve all things data.

Twitter: @ColinStasiuk